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Author John G. Hartness talks with other writers about their path to publication, advice for aspiring writers, tips on how to make it in the publishing business, and what not to do to build a career as a professional writer.
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Sep 1, 2017

award-winner and best=seller and all-around nice guy Chuck Gannon sat down with John at JordanCon back in the spring and told his story of writing, publishing, and the roundabout trip he took to get to the top of the mountain! 

Aug 18, 2017

Bobby Nash and I sat down after one evening at South Carolina Comic Con back in March and talked about writing, Justified, life, the universe and everything. 

Apr 16, 2017

On this episode, the last of our Mysticon interviews, Host John G. Hartness talks with editor, author, and blogger Margaret McGraw about her journey. We chat about upcoming projects like the Lawless Lands anthology, her website, and all sorts of other stuff about writing! 

Apr 3, 2017

In this episode, John continues talking with his friends at Mysticon. The victim this time is Emily Lavin Leverett, co-editor of The Big Bad anthologies and Lawless Lands, and co-author of Changeling's Fall from Falstaff Books. 

Mar 20, 2017

In another episode from Mysticon, host John G. Hartness interviews Tally johnson about his upcoming release from Falstaff Books, Creek Walking, talks with him about his wiring history, and gets a great real-life ghost story! Enjoy this conversation between two old redneck buddies. You can find out more at and at

Mar 5, 2017

From Mysticon 2017, host John G. Hartness interviews author, storyteller, and dad R.S. (Rod) Belcher. Rod tells us his story of coming into his own as a writer, including the story of his first paid writing gig, selling handmade books and comics in his mom's beauty salon in elementary school! Find out more about Rod at

Feb 18, 2017

John talks with author, GM, and serialized cool dude on how he got where he is now, the unexpected route he had to writing success, and his upcoming book, Forging Hephaestus. Drew is the author of Super Powereds, Corpies, Fred the Vampire Accountant, NPCs, and a ton of other books. He is also the GM and mastermind behind the hilarious and ridiculous Authors & Dragons podcast. 


For more info on Drew -